Angelica Hoyos - The Brand 

I am not an Artist because I like to draw pretty things or because I like color. I am an Artist because I feel deeply and through my Art I express the pain or joy I feel. With my artwork I aim to shift perspectives and to slowly build a more just world for those who are often miss represented. I aim to stand in solidarity with people who suffer from social injustice. 

In my shop:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Women have a voice  
  • It doesn't matter who you choose to love as long as you love
  • We are part of nature and we must protect her

Part of our proceeds will go towards these organizations: 





The Shop

This shop dedicated to all the craftswomen in my family who have used their talent and entrepreneur drive to provide for their children and family. I dedicate this shop to my mom, a goldsmith whom I helped as a child make her jewelry designs from drawings to stone setting. I dedicate this to my grandmother who fed her children by making and selling hand made tapestries and jewelry boxes. I dedicate this shop to all women, to women who at times have felt dis-empowered. This shop is a celebration of the beauty in women, an invitation to fully embrace who you are and who you are not, to love yourself, to protect and pursuit your dreams. From my heart to yours. May you always feel the power you carry and may you always celebrate your originality, creativity and your beautiful flaws. 

Angelica Hoyos - Artist/Designer