Our mission

We don’t just want to sell products to fill your house with one more insignificant product, we want to be a mirror for your beauty. For your beautiful-original, creative, vibrant, worldly spirit.

To remind you and cheer you on on the pursuit of your dreams and your self-discovery journey. To give you some space to politely say f*** off to the outdated ads with the perfect photoshopped, “flawless” bodies. To provide products that turn on all the amazing parts of your being. To be a beautiful imaginary home for all your wonderful awkwardness that you try to diminish but we love so much and love you for it. To let you know that you are loved, that you are accepted no matter what color you are, what shape you carry your spirit in, what part of the world you come from, what your sexual orientation is... Please make yourself at home with your beautiful originality, we are honored to have you here! 

Thank you cards, The Habit of Gratitude

Retrieve the benefits of practicing gratitude. The University of Pennsylvania conducted an experiment where 411 people had to hand delivery a thank you note to someone who hadn't been properly thanked before. After delivering the note, the individual who wrote the note and handed it, showed higher happiness scores. Researchers say the benefits lasted for a month. 

We thought we would help you by creating a set of blank cards to begin or continue your gratitude practice and improve your happiness scores. 

Decorate yourself!

This is a carefully curated collection of earrings that are full of meaning and symbolism. We call this collection "intentional earrings". Includes a tiny card where you can write a goal or a dream of yours and place the card in your wallet so that every-time you wear your earrings you evoke your dream or goal. This is why these are called intentional earrings!