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Intentional Accessories

Every time you wear one of our products think of what your goal is, use them as a grounding tool to get you back on track towards your dreams or goals (relationships, health or finances) We like to call our products Intentional Accessories. Attach an intention to your choice of product and every time you wear them visualize that goal or that dream. Pretend like it has already happened and begin to take small steps toward that goal. If your goal is a loving relationship choose an item that reminds you of that beautiful relationship and every time you wear or look at them imagine how it would feel to be in that beautiful loving relationship. Do you feel understood? Do you feel safe? Do you feel loved and protected? Begin channeling those feelings using your product as an anchor. This is just getting your body to experience your goal ahead of time and eventually attracting it into your life. Always remember the fun part of life is not to achieve our goals it is the actual creation process that makes life interesting. Have fun creating the life of your dreams. 


Your partner in creation!

Angelica Hoyos